Return To Innocence

Lost myself in the midst of worldly possessions,

Tired of being fixing in frames others have chosen.

Standing at the open window gazing the sky,

Child in me, one day, insanely cried.

You, Destroyer of my innocence,

Keep craving for true love, peace of mind,

Or better return to innocence.

Cool breeze coming all the way through,

Blowing my hair, releasing all withheld despair.

Listening to the cool silence, deep into the darkness,

I stood there wondering, fearing,

Searching the way back, that gentle wind

Mollifying my soul, pleasingly whispering,

Beloved!! I am returning your innocence.

Wrapped in my quilt, embracing myself,

I felt, eternal ecstasy is here itself.

The charmed sunset, the enchanting branches,

Soothed my soul, I heard the music my heartbeats making.

Singing pure melodies, enlightening,

Sweetie!! Open up, I am returning your innocence.

Oh my solitude, thanks for your silence,

How happy I am, free from all nuisance.

My soul grew stronger, filled with undying faith,

Endless peace, eternal love, pure from heart.

Contented breaths full of sense, declaring

Oh!! I am returning to innocence,

I have returned to innocence!!!!!


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