Falling Freely In The Heart Of Scotland

I have always been thrilled by ‘The Science of Risk’, so I seek out ways for that adventure hormone to rush in my adrenal glands. Although I have enjoyed many daring activities in past like bungee jump, flying fox, white water rafting, camping in jungles, trekking on Himalayas, para sailing, para gliding and the biggest adventure of my life – quasi-arranged marriage (a marriage concept prevalent in  parts of Asia when one decides to marry  the individual selected by her/his parents) which turned out to be one best risk I took as I found an amazing partner. Haha! Yet life throws some challenging circumstances to keep the primal fear stored deep inside us as an evolutionary requisite to safety from dangers; it is our duty to jiggle it off and cleanse every cell of our body, like an elephant shakes off excess dust after a dirt bath.

And here I was dangled from an iron cliff again with rubber cords tied on my ankles after six years of my first bungee jump but this time with my partner sharing the adrenaline rush and our toddler encouragingly clapping & waving at his crazy parents, in the heart of Scotland.  An experience to live for sure. Later on, however, he cried his lungs out for not finding us close by and threw away his shoes creating havoc for the lady of the Killicrankie bungee team who offered kid care for the time we could finish the jumps. We chose Pitlochry mainly for bungee jump but found ourselves enveloped in the lap of surreal beauty and 360 degrees of landscapes and activities waiting to please any explorer.


Pitlochry, famous as the heart of Scotland, is a perfect retreat to enliven your soul over weekend or a few days freedom from the monotone of life. It is located on the river Tummel in Scottish Highlands of Perth & Kinross council.

A free-fall from the river Garry bridge in Killicrankie, 3 miles from Pitlochry is a thrill. Do a spiderman jump (one can wear her favourite character’s costume for the jump), or tandem jump with a partner to share the adrenaline rush, or jump in the night. It costs £75 per person per jump and a discounted second jump by the same person on the same day at £30 or a package of multiple activities. The jump photos, videos cost additionally. Quad biking, Clay pigeon shooting, rafting on river Tay and river Tummel, bungee swing (planned to start in June 2017) are some other activities to enjoy. The other popular location is Titan Crane bungeejump in Clydebank, Glasgow.  More info –https://www.bungeejumpscotland.co.uk/

Pitlochry is strikingly exquisite.  Enjoy being an ogler to spectacular panoramas all around. Looking at the bridge view, it can be called “Lovelock Bridge”. Or get entranced by the splendid landscapes while cruising on river with Loch Tay Safaris.

Blair Athol Distillery & Edradour Distillery can be captivating for whisky lovers. Blair Athol Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland working since 1798.

Blair castle is a treat to history lovers. And Pitlochry Festival Theatre has many wonderful comedy, tragedy play shows, and concerts every day. Pitlochry Dam, Loch Faskally and a fish ladder for thousands of salmons are there to visit.

Visitors can join Scottish country dancing at venues Pitlochry Town Hall or Recreation Ground after 7 pm in summer months of May to September. We went in April so it was a miss. sobs!!

Nearby places to Explore – Climbing Schiehallion, the centre of Scotland (also known as Fairy Mountain) is more like a winning experience. 20 miles from Pitlochry, this is the area used by Maskelyne in an experiment to help calculate the mass of the Earth in 1774.


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