One Fine Funday In The Granite City Of Aberdeen

The diurnal variation of weather in Scotland is one of the main deciding factor for an instant outdoor or indoor activity plan. Basking in the sunshine on beach on an occasionally bright sunny day in the summer months or celebrating a usual dreich day by indulging in some brain exercise, one always has to be prepared as per the very changeable but lovely weather. What can be more captivating than experiencing four seasons in a single day and as one Scottish saying goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes”. So here is my one day of relishing in such weather.


Balmedie Beach


Sand dunes, golden sandy beach, seabirds, seashells, a sight of surfers riding the waves, some pill boxes from WWII, children’s play area altogether makes Balmedie beach a perfect spot for a family day out.  Witnessing a picturesque part of 24 km dune system stretching from Aberdeen to Newburgh is an experience to live. I was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of sand dunes along with the beach on a bright sunny day, and end up relaxing with a power nap on the beach. While my toddler was enjoying digging, pouring, sifting, scooping the sand using all his sand toys and his imagination to build sand castles and sliding down the sand dunes as well, for me running my fingers and toes in sand was more like a recreation therapy. Always better to carry a thin layer to protect from the windy cold (that’s the beauty of Scottish beaches) and try to absorb your fair share of sunshine in the beautiful Scotland.



Break-Out Games


I think the concept of escape games is inspired by the famous Bollywood song “Hum tum ek kamre me band ho aur chabi kho jaaye, socho kabhi aisa ho to kya ho” (“If You and me are locked in a room and the keys get lost, just imagine what will we do then”). Well I believe, its a good activity to put your thinking hat on and test your brain for how much can it help you escape.




Whatever, but it can be real fun to be locked in a room along the people you resonate with and hypothetically the only way out is by solving the various brainteasers stepwise to find the key in one hour time. If you can break out then feel like a hero with a “Break-Out Certificate” just in a photo or on the social media (haha!) otherwise the team will open the room after 60 mins and celebrate being a loser holding a “Locked-In Certificate”. As we were busy scratching our heads, brainstorming to solve the puzzles to find the keys of the room we were locked in. Meanwhile our terrible ‘2’ toddler was creating a bigger mess for us by shuffling the clues for the puzzles & riddles. Although a bit expensive for two people but a good workout for the brain cells, it could cost reasonable for a group of six people depending on the type of room chosen based on the hardness level. A fine & fun way of challenging the boredom that creeps in between those monotonous days.



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