Running My First 5K

How much ever easy running seems to anyone, it isn’t as simple for some. Running my first 5K in Edinburgh, the city I am in love with, followed by a fun tattie run while my tot excitingly cheering for me and concluding the day, a happy mom enlivened her toddler participating in his first race. Ohhh! my proud mommy moment!

As I began to run with many others who were running for some social cause, tears rolled down my cheeks, my heart started pumping more blood not only in response to physical activity but for clearing emotional blockages. And during that moving meditation, I realised the sacred cause behind my run – a cause to ease my heart from pain, a cause to elevate my spirit, a cause to pull my inner self out of the swirling whirlpool of over-thinking, and a cause to regain my very authenticity. Having finished what I started (in context of race), conveyed a sense of accomplishment after long time. The collective energy of the event had a healing effect but chemically speaking, the endorphins produced were genuine heroes.

Start was as difficult as ending successfully and in-between was the real test of endurance. Never thought participating in a simple run event can become an intramural workout for my depressed brain cells. And developing a habit of regular physical workout, checks our courage & persistence before leading us to tremendous personal growth – physical, metabolic or psychological. I believe one good cause to work for in the world is purifying thoughts and intentions to direct our inner self towards a meaningful life.



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