Tu Ghanti Big Ben di Pura London Thumkda

London, being world’s most visited city, undeniably demands few days to be lived by an explorer to witness all the world heritage sites, cultural institutions, historic settlements, museums, galleries, famous landmarks, etc. We gifted ourselves a short family trip on my toddler’s second birthday and considering travel at ease for the tot, chose to ride the London Eye Ferries wheel, visit the sea-life in London aquarium, pose with the wax figures at Madame Tussauds museum, with our any three attractions London explorer pass (a better way to cut queues), click photos near the Elizabeth Tower, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Palace and appreciated an outside view of many attractions in one and half days.

We arrived in London by noon, took an amphibious tour post lunch and then spent the evening hobnobbing with life-like wax sculptures of some of the world’s famous heroes and celebrities at the Madame Tussauds. Next morning we woke up in the London Eye capsule (:P took first ride at 10 am) and then waddled towards fishes, penguins, turtles, and other sea life in aquarium, where both type of creatures (human & aquatic) in their artificially created natural habitats, wonder about the existence style of the other.

While the scaffolded Elizabeth Tower was getting ready for some major conservation, restoration works, we heard the beloved Big Ben chimes before it went silent on 21 August 2017 for four years. And well-timed with London duck tours, a thrilling bus-boat hybrid truck trip (unluckily they will be closed from 18 sept 2017 due to docking site infrastructure problem) to get different views of the city’s landmarks House of Parliament, MI5, MI6 buildings, etc from the river Thames.





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